Swim! 100m/

Bike! 1.9 miles/
3.8 miles

Run! .5 mile/
1 mile

Finish Like A Champion!

course maps

This is a Super-Sprint distance race. Our objective with this event is to offer a reasonable distance for youth who are new to the sport, and to offer a safe race environment.

Note that this is a timed event.


The swim consists of either 2 (age 7-10) or 4 (age 11-17) laps (not lengths) in a chlorinated pool. Goggles are recommended. Dependent upon the number of registered racers, the lane may be split, with 2 participants side-by-side in a lane. Racers will be divided into waves in order to make the best use of the pool lanes. Swimmers will enter and exit the pool from the end of their respective lane.



Once through transition, participants will walk or run their bike to the marked Mount Line. From that point, cyclists will turn right out of the park and proceed to a U-turn at the south end of the course. After the U-turn, they will make a longer straight (slightly uphill) stretch to the north end of the course, and proceed through a second U-turn. After turning back to the south, cyclists will follow a cone-marked course through the school parking lot, and then return to the road for a downhill return to the park. Racers age 7-10 will make a single loop, while the 11-17 age group will proceed past the park for a second loop. before reaching the dismount line. Each lap is approximately 1.9 miles.


After returning to transition, racers will proceed out to the paved trail which starts alongside the pool, and then turn right at the corner. For both age groups, the run is a single out-and-back run, with the age 7-10 runners turning at the quarter-mile mark, and the 11-17 runners going to the half-mile turnaround. Volunteers will be monitoring and controlling the turnarounds and the course to ensure all runners make the appropriate turn. The run course will be clearly marked with signage.

USA Triathlon

This event is sanctioned by, and insured through, USA Triathlon. Additionally, the event is presented by a USAT-certified Race Director.


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